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The Foundation of Professional-Grade Supplements is Quality

There is no question that there is an increasing awareness and interest in nutritional supplementation to help maintain health. Millions of Americans are taking nutritional supplements every day and experiencing better overall health for their efforts. However, there is also no question that ALL SUPPLEMENTS ARE NOT THE SAME. This fact can be very confusing to the public who want to seek out the best supplements available to obtain optimal outcomes. At our pharmacy, we feature “professional-grade” quality supplements. But what does that mean to you?

In our pharmacy, “professional-grade” means that the quality and purity of our supplements are beyond question and are tested many times during the production process. Physicians, pharmacists, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals do not have time to waste on products of questionable quality when they make recommendations for nutritional supplements. That is why we, and so many other healthcare professionals, recommend the professional-grade products found in our supplement line.

With our supplement line we are providing:

  • Professional-grade supplements
  • Supplements that are tested for quality, purity and safety by certified labs using the most advanced equipment and testing methods
  • Supplements that are manufactured under the highest standards in the market

Remember, not all supplements are created equal! With our supplements, the QUALITY goes in before our label goes on.

quality assurance

Critical Steps we take to assure your product’s Potency, Purity and Safety

  • The raw material and packaging components used to make our nutritional supplements meet FDA cGMP (Certified by unannounced FDA visits to meet the stringent requirements of ‘FDA Good Manufacturing Practice’).
  • Over the years, we have developed relationships with the most trusted raw material suppliers and bulk suppliers in the U.S.
  • Perhaps more importantly, we have eliminated those suppliers who would compromise on quality and purity
    for the purpose of speed or price.
  • We use over 60 Patented/Trademarked Active ingredients in our products! These ingredients are subject to clinical study and review, and have been verified as superior.
  • Upon receipt, all raw materials are quarantined in a secure area, and inspected for Quality, Purity (Heavy Metals, Contaminants, Pesticides and Microbials) and verified for potency before manufacturing begins.
  • All of our finished products are manufactured in a controlled environment and are tested extensively at completion to make certain that they meet specifications.
  • We produce a Certificate of Analysis for every Lot, insuring that the label is accurate and the final product is both clean and safe.
  • With all these measures, we know that those banned substances never enter the manufacturing building as raw material, and never make into your finished product.
  • Our products are custom-made in the USA within a certified USDA Organic, FDA cGMP and NSF certified facility. We receive frequent inspection by Consumer Labs, and are subject to frequent and unannounced due diligence by third party review.

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Dina Ibrahim, B.S, Pharm-D, BCPS, BCCCP

Dina Ibrahim Pharm-D,BCPS, BCCCP received her bachelor's degree from St John's University in 1999, Pharm-D from Ohio Northern University in 2006. She completed her American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Critical care traineeship, is board certified in pharmacotherapy and critical care specialties.

Dr. Ibrahim has worked at multiple Hospitals, including Staten Island University Hospital, Staten Island. and Aultman Hospital, Canton, Ohio. She joined Florida Hospital Orlando in 2011 and managed intensive care patients. She, also, served as a clinical assistant professor at Florida College of Pharmacy precepting pharmacy students during their rotations.

Dr. Ibrahim always had the passion to take part of personalized pharmacy practice because she believes that good medicine must attend to patient's unique needs.. She decided to start her own compounding pharmacy in Debary, Florida.

The pharmacy will also serve as community pharmacy dispensing prescription drugs and high quality, purity and safety Wellness Works supplements.