What is Compounding?

Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications to meet the unique needs of a specific patient. It solves patient medication problems by using the finest ingredients to formulate medications in the optimal strength and dosage forms. Our compounding laboratory contains equipment to compound each medication to the prescriber’s exact specifications.

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How does compounding benefit me?

Working with your healthcare provider, a compounding pharmacist can:

  • change the dosage form
  • adjust the strength of your medication so that it meets your specific needs
  • combine medications in one easy to use form if compatible
  • minimize side effects especially for elderly and hospice patients
  • formulate medications that are no longer manufactured commercially in some cases
  • add flavor to your medication to make it more palatable for children and animals

Is compounding legal? Is it safe?

The food and drug administration has stated that compounded prescriptions are both ethical and legal. They must be prescribed by a licensed practitioner for a specific patient and compounded by a licensed pharmacy. In addition, compounding is regulated by state boards of pharmacy.

Is compounding expensive?

Compounding may cost more or less than conventional medication it depends on factors such as the type of ingredients and equipment as well as the time required for the pharmacist to research and prepare the medication.

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Dina Ibrahim, B.S, Pharm-D, BCPS, BCCCP

Dina Ibrahim Pharm-D,BCPS, BCCCP received her bachelor's degree from St John's University in 1999, Pharm-D from Ohio Northern University in 2006. She completed her American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Critical care traineeship, is board certified in pharmacotherapy and critical care specialties.

Dr. Ibrahim has worked at multiple Hospitals, including Staten Island University Hospital, Staten Island. and Aultman Hospital, Canton, Ohio. She joined Florida Hospital Orlando in 2011 and managed intensive care patients. She, also, served as a clinical assistant professor at Florida College of Pharmacy precepting pharmacy students during their rotations.

Dr. Ibrahim always had the passion to take part of personalized pharmacy practice because she believes that good medicine must attend to patient's unique needs.. She decided to start her own compounding pharmacy in Debary, Florida.

The pharmacy will also serve as community pharmacy dispensing prescription drugs and high quality, purity and safety Wellness Works supplements.